What we do.

At The Gedroic Center for Integrative Medicine, we spend a generous amount of time getting to know each patient as an individual. Consequently, our patients receive customized treatment plans that directly address their particular needs and preferences.

Who we treat.

We welcome new patients of all ages and spend extra time during our first visit to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your condition and well-being. Your first visit will include a consultation with Dr. Gedroic and a customized treatment protocol.

Our Staff.

We have a diverse and skilled group of healthcare providers within our practice.  Although as a patient you may be referred to these providers to facilitate your care, you may also request their service independently.

Our belief.

We feel that the body is a self-healing mechanism if allowed to function properly. Symptoms help guide us to a deeper understanding of what is wrong with the body, so that we can treat the underlying causes of disease, and not just medicate the symptoms. Our ultimate goal after healing patients is to strengthen each patient’s immune system to fight illness naturally and eliminate the need for [external/pharmaceutical] means to alleviate symptoms. Our patients “graduate” from our practice symptom free and with a new awareness of healthier living that will help fight future illness.

Our Patients.


“Dr. Gedroic taught me how to eat healthy, how to eat the right things…”

“Two words that come to my mind when I think of Dr. Gedroic’s team are courteous and professional”

“It wasn’t like it was coming right off of a shelf, she had something that was specific to me it, was customized.”

Our Location.

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